Lumiere Factory, Auguste and Louis Lumiere


I have been inconsistent with my blog posts lately, mainly because I was busy with my PhD. I am having my first year panel at the end of this month so I’ve been working quite hard. Reading, writing, making a sense of what this PhD is all about.


Not many things to recount really of this monotonous period except for my struggle with ideas. Some of them came into fruition after an interesting workshop I attended (virtually). It was just before the summer, at Lancaster University, and it was organized by Noel Cass. It’s called Autonomobilities and it played around the compelling case of autonomous mobilities, those that are outside the ubiquitous car/plane/train systems: fare-dodging, hitch-hiking, cycle-touring, freight-hopping or backpacking.


I have recorded a video presentation for the occasion. It’s about cycling, the different degrees of formalizing this practice and what are its consequences. I am posting below the YouTube video of the presentation.