This year, I am organising with two other colleagues in Sociology, at Lancaster University (Katerina Psarikidou and Dennis Zuev), the Cycling and Society Symposium. I have attended the previous three editions and I can definitely say that this is the most important academic conference for cycling researchers.


One of the main reasons which convinced me I could try to do a PhD about cycling was the book ‘Cycling and Society’, published after the first edition of the symposium, in 2004 (which, by the way, was held in Lancaster). So, yes, it’s pretty much ‘Cycling coming home’. I am delighted to organise this, the call for abstracts has already been circulated and there’s already some vivid interest for what’s going to happen in September.


The website for the event is up and running, Alin Tămășan, my good friend and fabulous designer, has created us a new logo. Exciting times ahead!