Cycling futures


Last month I have co-organised, alongside my colleagues and friends Katerina Psarikidou and Dennis Zuev, the most important academic event dedicated to cycling in the UK: Cycling and Society Symposium. There were two intensive days of fantastic presentations, debates and inspirations to take forward! There were more than 60 participants from around 15 countries, vividly debating the topic of sustainable cycling future. At this point, we are looking forward to publishing at least a special issue based on the papers presented at the conference, I will post more about this as soon as further details emerge.


Personally, I was more than honored to get involved in the organization of #C8S2016, an event that I have attended every year ever since I started my PhD. While reading the book ‘Cycling and Society’ (2007), which reunites the papers presented at the first editions of the symposium, greatly influenced my decision to pursue my academic research on this topic.


More details about the conference can be found in the program below, as well as in the book reuniting all the abstracts.


And here’s a picture with the three exhausted organisers at the end of the conference: Katerina, me and Dennis.

Organising team


In the main photo, there’s one of the posters for the symposium, designed by the extraordinary Hayley Alter.