The club as social hub


My research focus has narrowed down in the last half a year or so. Here’s a not-quite-up-to-date glimpse into my current academic interest. As it has been presented at Cycling and Society Symposium 2014.


This last summer, already one year into my PhD, I started to think that I’d look at symbolic interaction and cycling as the bigger topic for my thesis. Since then I’ve been reading a lot of social theory, including Erving Goffman, Georg Simmel and other sociologists interested in micro-orders.


Quite early into my effort (September 2014) I attempted to give an outline about my research topic at an academic event in Newcastle, Cycling and Society Symposium (C&SS). I’ve been to the CS&S previous edition, in Llangollen, Walles, and it’s fair to say it’s the most useful conference for academics researching cycling.


I must also say that my presentation didn’t necessarily fulfill all expectations and this happened for at least two reasons. First, I didn’t have much empirical material to present, as I’ve hardly done any extensive fieldwork at that point. And second, the audience was mainly formed by engineers and planners (which was a bit different from what Cycling and Society Symposium was intended to be in its early days) and our understandings of researching cycling didn’t necessarily seem to converge.


Anyway, all the presentations have been uploaded to the website of the conference, so was mine, so you can have a look at it here.