More than anywhere else, it seems that in the UK cycling and fashion are a match in heaven. But what are the consequences of this phenomenon in the effort to mainstream the practice of cycling?


I was always in love with the Tour de France and road cycling race scene in general. The doping scandals, the capitalist fast spinning wheel, the elitist view of cycling, none of the above really deterred my passion for the sport. Maybe more cautious than in the past with my passion, as I grew up to understand how things work, I never trully questioned the religion itself.


It’s no wonder then that one of the topics of my PhD thesis relates to cycling and fashion. I recently did a presentation at a CeMoRe Symposium on Transport in the Media, held by Rachel Aldred. It was not strictly related to fashion, but rather provided an overview of the media representations of cyclists in the UK. I focused my presentation on two frequent media stereotypes and at the same time cycling subcultures: MAMILs and hipsters. I think that the two subcultures are highly influential on the larger cycling scene in Britain.


Below there’s the Prezi of my talk.